Dignity Health Merced | helloHealthy | Winter 2019

HelloHealthy | Winter 2019 7 Jennifer Holt is fairly new to the job of director of the Family Birth Center at Dignity Health – Mercy Medical Center, but she has some definite ideas about what she’d like to accomplish in her position. “We need to continue with the excellent standards of care that we do have,” says Holt, who has a master’s degree in nursing. “And we want to make sure that our families have the best possible birth experience. When these babies of today grow up and their parents tell them about their birth story, it should always be good memories.” My Baby pregnancy app The good memories can start when moms-to-be first find out they’re pregnant. From their smartphone, pregnant women can download Dignity Health’s free My Baby pregnancy app. “It can be used throughout pregnancy and into the newborn’s life,” Holt says. Some of the app’s functions include: ●  ● Answering common questions about physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. ●  ● Tracking doctor’s appointments. ●  ● Creating a birth plan. ●  ● Signing up for childbirth classes and tours of the Birth Center. “Every week, moms can watch a little video of how big their baby is, what it can do, and what systems are developing,” Holt says. “And after delivery, the app allows you to track how many feedings your newborn has had each day and the number of diapers used— to help make sure your baby’s growing and eating appropriately.” More memories and support Another way Holt and her team of pregnancy experts at the Family Birth Center are working to make childbirth a great experience: Baby-Friendly designation. The Family Birth Center is working with the World Health Organization to be named a Baby-Friendly hospital, which means a hospital strongly supports and encourages moms to breastfeed. “I’m excited to be part of the next steps and the next phase of our journey to be Baby-Friendly and our ongoing mission to provide excellent care to the moms and babies in our community,” Holt says. Happy and healthy beginnings Read more about the benefits of having a baby at the Family Birth Center. Go to dignityhealth.org/ Merced/FBC . The best for babies and moms What’s new and happening at the Family Birth Center