Dignity Health Merced | helloHealthy | Summer 2019

HelloHealthy | Summer 2019 3 Spreading kindness Learn more about these inspiring students at dignityhealth.org/ Merced/studentambassadors . We hope you enjoy this issue of HelloHealthy . Comments about the publication can be directed to the Marketing and Communications Department: DIGNITY HEALTH – MERCY MEDICAL CENTER 333 Mercy Ave., Merced, CA 95340 HelloHealthy is published by Dignity Health – Mercy Medical Center to provide general health information. It is not intended to provide personal medical advice, which should be obtained directly from a health care provider. Models may be used in photos and illustrations. 2019 © Coffey Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Marketing and Communications Department Robin Mangarin-Scott—Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Communications–Central California Michelle Willow—Director of External Communications–Central California Cody Brutlag—Director of Marketing–Central California Lindsey Wine—Communications Manager–Central California Michelle Oliver—Marketing Manager–Central California We love this heartwarming story! Student leaders from Hoover Middle School have been volunteering to visit a beloved former staff member, Jim Eppler, and his new friends at Park Merced Assisted Living. Mr. Eppler began working for the Merced City School district in 1970 and even returned as a volunteer after retiring in 2003. The students love brightening his day and playing games with the other residents. These students have been recognized as the latest Hello humankindness student ambassadors through Dignity Health – Mercy Medical Center’s partnership with the Merced City School District. Older, wiser, and much loved Student ambassadors bring humankindness to seniors